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Building Certification

In the Passive House project database, certified Passive Houses are marked with the PHI logo. Current certification criteria for Passive Houses can be found on the Passive House Institute website. PHPP, the Passive House Planning Package has to be used for calculating and checking if the criteria were met.

Building Criteria: new with release of PHPP 9

Current building criteria including the categories Classic, Plus and Premium

Passive House and EnerPHit certification criteria in other languages

Building Certification Guide (all languages)

Examples of documents that need to be submitted for certification

Thermal conductivity - Passive House certification procedure

As per the certification criteria for the certification of Passive Houses, documents verifying the thermal conductivity (lambda value) of each insulation material and building component must be submitted. For Passive Houses in Germany, the German 'Bemessungswert' is to be used in accordance with DIN V 4108-4. For the certification of Passive Houses in all other countries, the lambda value determined as defined by the respective national norms regulating the calculation of a building’s energy balance must be used. In the absence of a national norm, a thermal conductivity value that has been checked and confirmed by an independent third party can be applied. As such, the lambda value stated on the CE label, for example, may be used for the PHPP. If Passive House suitable components as certified by PHI were used, however, the lambda value stated in the PHI certificate must be given, irrespective of the country of construction.

Supplementary provisions to the criteria

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