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 ====== Education & training ====== ====== Education & training ======
-There is a wide variety of Passive House trainings available ranging from short introductory Passive House lectures to 1-day Passive House Basics courses up to professional 10-day Passive House Designer courses or customized in-house seminars. Self-study is an option too, maybe in combination with taking a "​Certified Designer"​ or "​Certified Tradesperson"​ exam. Becoming a Passive House trainer yourself is as easy: be involved in Passive House projects or EnerPHit retrofits and teach from your practical experience. Various training materials are available for sale from the Passive House Institute or free of cost for iPHA members, so no need to reinvent the wheel. However, adaptation and translation is required to make your lectures a success. For an overview of offered trainings worldwide, please visit the iPHA events calendar. ​ 
-[[education_&​training:​University programmes]] 
-[[education_&​training:​Certified Passive House Designer]]+  * [[education_&​training:​building certifier]]
-[[education_&​training:​Certified Passive House Tradesman]]+  * [[education_&​training:​Certified Passive House Designer]]
-[[education_&​training:​Passive House Basics]]+  * [[education_&​training:​Certified ​Passive House Tradesman]]
-[[education_&​training:​Train the trainer]]+  * [[education_&​training:​Customized training]]
-[[education_&​training:​Customized training]]+  * [[education_&​training:​Passive House Basics]]
-[[education_&​training:​building certifier]]+  * [[education_&​training:​Train the trainer]]
 +  * [[education_&​training:​University programmes]]
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